2015 Tulsa County Republican GOP Elections: Diversity Outcry!

March 8, 2015

George Wiland, Tulsa County GOP State Committeeman, Cheryl Baber, Tulsa County GOP State Committeewoman, Joanne Boller Tyree, Tulsa County Vice Chairman, Michael F Ford, Tulsa County Chairman, Jennifer Ballew, Tulsa County GOP District 1 Committeewoman and Donny Tiemann, Tulsa County GOP District 1 Committeeman!

The Republican Party held conventions all day through out the state electing new officers. D’Ross was the only Hispanic across the state today to run for a Republican Party Leadership position. Out of 600 registered as delegates, only 300 were confirmed present. Out of those 300, only a handful of African Americans and one Hispanic was present.

Lydia Gonzalez –D’Ross ran for Tulsa GOP State Committeewoman with opponent Cheryl Baber, former US District Attorney. Last minute, the current chair, Joanna Francisco decided to run for re-election. Francisco stated that the Committee Women position is about knowing about the “Rules” and to be sure that their implemented. In other words, her concept in representing the republican party women, is misconstrued.

Barber did not agree with Fransisco!! Despite of D’Ross loss, she endorsed Barber because she felt Barber was a better fit than Francisco as Fransisco has no record every reaching out diversity conservative woman during her previous reign. Barber stated that she will work together with D’Ross to improve diversity community engagement efforts.

D’Ross obtained 30% of the votes and received an overwhelming applause for lamenting the party’s need for more diversity. It has come no surprise to D’Ross that she was the only Hispanic represented at the Tulsa GOP Republican Convention and only a few handful of African American conservative supporters as delegates.

D’Ross was a nominee of the D71 House of Representative (2012) and City Council nominee in (2014). D’Ross lamented “I need you” during her speech but unfortunately the delegate voters said one again, “we don’t.”

D’Ross is saddened that the elected officials that were present voted for her but did not stand with her on the platform to support her and that their were some elected official who she obtained hispanic votes for, also did not support her.

D’Ross worked fervently on behalf the party and obtained Hispanic votes for several of elected officials who won their candidacy for instance, Bartlett, Bridenstine, Nahm, and many others.

You kinda wonder, why the party is in the position as it is. With the new Executive Immigration Amnesty, once they become citizens, the Republicans would have a lot more work to do to reach the diverse group and just not the Hispanic community. With the lack of diversity “Community Engagement ” support, D’Ross work is cut for her.

Evelyn Mc Coy, Chair of the diversity “Community Engagement” for the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women, informed D’Ross that they have not been active as the Chair, Estela Hernandez, who was appointed early part of 2014, has stepped down and that McCoy has taken the lead a few months ago. Hernandez, Co-Founder of Lone also stepped down a year ago as President of Oklahoma Hispanic Political Action Committee (OHPAC) and the group is struggling to stay afloat. Hernandez drove from OKC to Tulsa County GOP to announce her candidacy as Vice Chair of the Oklahoma GOP Party. Also present was current Chairman, Dave Weston and other possible candidates also driven from Oklahoma City to be at the Tulsa Convention to announce their candidacy as Chairman of the Oklahoma GOP Republican Party. It is my opinion that consistency in leadership positions held reference the character of a person, with proven leadership history, it is difficult to determine their actual commitment once you do have diversity support. The party just not only need a diversity aggressive approach but seek diversity conservatives that are willing to stick it out and be aggressively involved and not have a passive attitude.

It was a sad day today for the Hispanic Community. The National RNC has no interest in appointment of a Latino Oklahoma liaison at this time. Only a handful of Latino leaders across the state have been selected.

NO wonder the Democratic Party has a stronger Latino voice.

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